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Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

What is Softaculous ?

Softaculous Auto Installer is great to have 176 scripts and still adding more. Softaculous is ideal for Web hosting companies and can provide a significant boost to your sales. This script includes most of the customers use ever could. Various categories so that everyone can find a script that required mastery or penggetahuan their Web Site. The best part is Softaculouscontinue adding new script that they know to meet the needs of users .

What is Cpanel ?

cPanel is one of the Web Hosting Control Panel for easy online can be used manage the website such as uploading web, create email accounts and many other things such as installation scripts. cPanel itself in use on the Linux operating system berbasi. CPanel Facilities include: managing FTP Accounts, E-mail account management, database management, management of files (file manager), site security management, records management Web site statistics, backup management and website management for the addition of domain, subdomain. official site demo of cPanel click cPanel

Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Port Standard on the Network Applications and Protocols

In computer networking terminology, a port is point-specific communication used by an application that uses the transport layer in TCP / IP technology. This article tells about some of the ports used by applications or the standard protocol.

Which will be discussed in this article is the port logic, it might be useful for those of you who manage Linux servers for various purposes.

Port Standards and Usability

1-19, various protocols, Most of the ports is not so in need but can not be bothered. For example echo service (port 7) should not be confused with the common ping program.