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Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

suspend accounts in hosting

One day when you visit your website and found that your hosting account in suspend by Steady Hosting then this means hosting service has been stopped for a while. When your hosting account, all the files in the suspend, e-mail, databases, and other data – data that exist within your hosting directories will not be lost. However during suspend means websites, e-mail, and other hosting facilities are not accessible.

There are a few things that lead to your hosting account on suspend:

  1. You Complete The Payment, It could be that you have not completed the billing (pay) the hosting services we provide or You've paid but you do not confirm the payment so that the billing we were not aware of any payments You
  2. Your Hosting Account Server Overload, The hosting Account you can overload the server too heavy so that interfere with the continuity of the service to other customers. Usually the load caused by database size is too big and not optimized, hits or visits a gigantic level, scripting errors, and others – to another. In cases like this Rumahweb will further investigate what is causing a high server load from your hosting account and provide a solution.
  3. You Did Abuse of our servers, Abuse is a violation of terms of service. Abuse is most often done by a customer is SPAMMING (mass e-mailings). SPAM is usually done to offer goods or services. Other Abuse committed by the customer either intentional or not is the Act of sending data packets with DDOS are very big in the direction of the target IP Address in order to shut down internet services from the destination IP Address
  4. Bandwidth Exceeded, if you get Bandwidth Exceeded message on the website, it means that your hosting traffic quota exceeded predetermined threshold. Please contact Rumahweb if You want to add to the traffic quota or upgrade your hosting package

We always send out an e-mail prior to your Hosting Account we suspend, therefore always check the e-mail you used to register hosting at Rumahweb. If You want to change the administrative contact e-mail address, please update your details at

How to move wordpress

How to move my hosting to WordPress with ease and is important for all the bloggers to figure it out.

Follow these steps:
  • First Backup all important data such as articles and so on by updating your wordpress Export data page on the menu Settings-Export by clicking on Download Export file on the below Option, save the data safely.
  • Then switch to the root of your hosting please donwload Your uploads folder (located inside the folder wp-content) this is your important files such as pictures, videos, files that you upload when posting an article or writing a page.
  • Still in the root, the backup data like plugins {wp-content/plugins} and themes (located inside the folder wp-content).
  • Install wordpress with cPanel/Softaculous in Fantatisco, when it is finished to Install WordPress, upload the folder uploads (wp-content/uploads), plugins (wp-content/plugins) and themes (wp-content/themes).
  • Then go into the Settings menu, select Import and please You upload your first wordpress data downloads.
  • If you have finished importing Your WordPress data please set all of Your plugins and themes.

To upload, it is recommended to use an ftp client like FileZilla program.